This is how much I like swimming

Recently I tried out being in a pool for the first time.

That was one of the worst things I’ve ever done! My pet mum was so excited that Aston and I finally had the chance to get to swim, but her excitement didn’t last long.

When I got in the water I did the “greyhound freeze”, which basically means I became a statue. Some of us greyhounds do that when we are scared or not sure what is wanted of us. I just hung in my pet dad’s arm and my only focus was not to move and keep my head above the water.

Aston on the other hand, pretty quickly started to move her paws to the point she scratched mum’s bare legs. However, as you can tell from the image below she was not a big fan of the pool either.

So if you ever wondered if I like swimming, the answer is absolutely not! BUT, one great thing came out of our pool introduction, treats! We got so many treats. I actually think I even gained a pound or two. There’s nothing bad that hasn’t anything good with pet mum taught me that’s how they say it in Sweden.

Look forward to seeing you next week!

Roooooo! (That’s how we greyhounds sing.)


Me doing the “greyhound freeze”.

Aston and I waiting for it to be over.

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