3 quick and simple feel good tips for this summer

The last few weeks have been a big chunky mix of looking out through airplane windows, enjoying California with my Swedish niece and nephew (the happiest place on earth was their favorite and I loved seeing my niece in her new Minnie Mouse ears) and eating as much dill and chive chips and salty licorice my tummy could handle while returning the kids back to Sweden.

Spending record long time away from my desk gave me some little reminders I wanted to share with you this summer. I hope you will enjoy them.

3 feel-good tips for this summer

1. It’s really nice to
be off social media for a few weeks (yes, I said weeks), just to be in the moment and focus on real life. You should try it.

2. Spending
lots of time outdoors makes you feel more alive. Ah, how nice it is to feel your face getting hot from the bright sun, your ears focusing on the sound of waves and your toes playing in salty water. And of course it’s even better if your dog is by your side. I think we need more of this, friends.

Reading makes you feel more content than watching television. Maybe it’s the smell and feeling of paper in your hands (well, at least if you still read paperbacks like me) who knows, but personally I’m hereby committing to read more and watch less.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!


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