3 quick and simple spring-cleaning tips for dog owners

If you are anything like me, life is busy and even though you would love to spend a week spring-cleaning now when spring is officially here, you have too many other things to do. So here are 3 things you can do that are quick and simple, but will still give you a dose of “feel good”.

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1. The dog toy mountain

Before I had a dog and walked into a home where there was a dog toy mountain rising high in a corner, I always wondered how many toys a dog could have and how many they actually would play with. Now I know better. There are never too many and even though there are definitely a few favorites, all of a sudden that toy on the bottom of the basket will make an appearance in the mouth of your dog when you least expect it. I’m thinking having a mountain like that, must be a bit like Christmas for our furry friends.

However, going through and tossing out or washing some of those toys wouldn’t hurt. So let’s spend a few minutes transforming the toy mountain into an actual toy basket.

2. The treat cupboard

I’m not sure how it happens but somehow that treat cupboard tends to fill up quickly. I guess it might be samples, some yummy stuff we got from the vet or a new treat that didn’t quite work out.

So next, let’s clean out that cupboard and remember to check for expiration dates. I’m sure it will feel so much better opening that cupboard door next time it’s time to give your dog a treat.

3. The dog accessories

Whether you dress up your dog in clothes or fun Halloween costumes or not, there are always collars, leashes and tags, so bare with me.

I recently bought some new leashes for Chantelle and Zoe because the old ones started to smell really bad. If I’m going to be completely honest the washer machine might have helped, but I really wanted my girls to match. I know, call me silly, but at least I’m honest. I will however try to wash the old ones and if the smell disappears I’ll donate them to a shelter or rescue.

Does your dog’s leash need a cleaning or is it time to switch it out due to wear and tear?

Can you still read the information on your dog’s tag or is it time for a new one?

Lastly, for you costume loving dog owners out there. Are there any costumes or other accessories that have served their purpose and are ready for the trash or to be given away?

If you Google “spring-cleaning for dog owners” there are so many more tips out there, but I hope these three provided you with at least a bit of inspiration.

Oh, and don’t forget to reward yourself (extra playtime with your dog and maybe some chocolate for you?). Rewards make things so much more fun and that goes for humans too.

Happy spring!

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