A bit of Swedish and a coffee incentive

Just in case you meet any of the members of the world famous band ABBA, shake hands with the Swedish king and queen or happen to run into me and want a free coffee…

I’m fully aware those are probably the only times it would be good for you to know some Swedish.

After all, there are less people living in the whole country of Sweden than in Los Angeles County, so in other words it’s not the number one or even number 47th most spoken language of the world, BUT you never know so let’s have some fun.

In the video I’ll teach you three things to say:

Trevligt att traffas = nice to meet you

Tack sa mycket = thank you

Jag alskar min hund = I love my dog (My personal favorite and I’m sure my bilingual dogs would say it’s the most important one.)

If I meet you in person and you tell me any of these three things (assuming you are not a Swede), I’ll buy you a coffee. Everyone needs an incentive, right!

And if you happen to run into any of the ABBA members or the king and the queen, please tell them hi from me.

And oh, if you want to learn something more in Swedish, feel free to leave a comment below.

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