A cat named Sugar

When my pet mum stepped in the door, Sugar came running to greet her just like a little dog in a cat’s body.

Sugar was immediately talking and socializing. Wanted to check out my mum’s equipment and just hang out. “Yes, that’s how she always is”, her pet mum said, “just like a little dog.”

Mum told me Sugar was a born cat model. Even though she wasn’t quite sure about mum’s camera, when she realized a capture was about to happen, she held the pose about a second so my mum could get it. It was fascinating my mum said.

At first Sugar was hiding behind her favorite chair, but when the feather came out the game was on.

This is how it started; Sugar hiding behind her favorite chair.

But then posing was happening. Isn’t she just too cute!

And then there was some play. Check out that laser focus. A little mouse would have been in great danger here.

After play you need to stretch.

And then back on the favorite chair to rest a bit.

Playing make you sleepy. Time for a little catnap.

Hold on, what was that?

Time to go to the other chair for another background. Are you ready with the camera, because here is the pose?

Beautiful Sugar. My pet mum thought it was a blast hanging out with you and to capture some precious memories for your pet parents.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I don’t dare showing them to my greyhound sister Aston, because she is obsessed with cats. I would not be surprised if she would try to get into the computer to try and chase Sugar. So please don’t tell her about this blog post.

I look forward to seeing you next time with more pet fun.

Roooooo! (That’s how we greyhounds sing.)


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