A dog photo session with my boyfriend Jazz

The first time I met Jazz, his pet mum had to keep him at a distance because he wasn’t really sure about me.

Just a few weeks later, he became my boyfriend and recently he was my pet mum’s dog photography model. But before we get into the photos, let’s talk a bit more about Jazz.

When Aston and I are out walking, Jazz can sense that we are coming. His pet parents have told us that he starts walking faster and pokes his ears up, long before they see us. I get so happy when we meet. I run up to him, sniff his face, fold my ears back and do the play bow. We don’t play a lot though. I think it’s because Jazz is watching over me and Aston, almost like a bodyguard. He looks so proud when we are around. Jazz likes Aston too, but I think he likes me more.

Aston and I really enjoy visiting Jazz’s home. After he has greeted us, the first thing I do is start pulling out his dog toys from his toy basket. I’ve already told you how much I love toys, but just to make it super clear; I looooove toys! Last time we visited Jazz, the whole living room floor was covered with them. He has some yummy dog chew bones too and we take turns chewing on them. Jazz is so nice sharing his things with us. When we are done playing with the toys and the bones, Jazz and I give each other kisses. Our pet parents are laughing because they think it’s so cute.

Now, back to the dog photography. My pet mum told me that Jazz was a wonderful dog model. I agree with her. Just take a look at the photos below. My personal favorite is the one where he is sitting up on the outdoor couch, tilting his head. Isn’t he handsome?

Roooooo! (That’s how we greyhounds sing.)









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