A dose of cuteness

It wasn’t planned, but I just had to share.

Sitting in front of my computer retouching all the images from last week’s dog rescue photo session, I quickly came to the conclusion all the cuteness and sweetness that was captured in the park exploding of crisp green from the rain we’ve had...yes, it had to be shared in a blog post.

It warms my heart to know that all these dogs are now in safe hands and soon they’ll find their forever homes.

This is Sugar and the name perfectly describes his personality.

Roxy, an alert little girl who loved the treat game we played with her while trying to capture the perfect adoption photo.

This girl, Amy, is blind but you couldn’t tell as she happily ran around on the grass with a wagging tail. Amy is one of those dogs you can tell has a gentle soul.

John Smith, what a poser. He held his perfect model pose even after I had put down the camera.

Kody, his thick beautiful fur was flowing in the wind and before I knew it he had squeezed in under my camera and up in my lap to give me kisses.

I don’t have the name for this furry friend, but I do remember the happy run.

This boy, Max, had that sweet look that goes straight into your heart.

Cassidy, a sweet little cuddle bug.

Posh, fit perfectly in the little field of flowers with her sweet personality.

Ivanka, a girl with prancing paws, oversized ears and alert personality…oh, if only I could adopt another dog.

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