A loved child has many names – that goes for pets too

My pet mum told me there’s a Swedish saying that goes: “A loved child has many names”. Well, let me tell you, she and our pet dad have definitely applied that to Aston and I, their furry kids.

It’s a bit confusing sometimes with all these different pet names, but I think I know them all at this point. Below is the whole rundown.

They call Aston:

Asti – just because it’s shorter.
Missy Lou – usually when she’s in trouble.
Cake Face – because Aston’s face looks kind of like a marble cake.
Goat Girl – so when my pet parents were in Europe they met this goat and they said it reminded them so much about Aston, so it became one of her new nicknames.

They call me:

Chanti – again, because it’s shorter.
Missy – when I’m in trouble (so in other words my trouble name is Missy and my sister Aston’s trouble name is Missy Lou, I wonder what a third dogs trouble name would be?)
My Baby Girl – I’m actually not a baby anymore, but I think they say it out of love.
Brown Eyed Girl – I often get complimented on my sweet brown eyes.

These are other names they call us:

Striped Wonder – I think my pet dad came up with that one.
Furry Princess – this is one of my personal favorites.
Baby Girls – I’m usually the baby girl, but sometimes they say this to both of us.
Little Tigers – yup, apparently we look a bit like tigers.
Little Horses – hm, I guess we run and make sounds that remind them about horses.
Puppisarna – my pet mum loves to mix English and Swedish. Basically this name would be “the puppies” in English.
Mina Fina Hundarna – Swedish for “my nice dogs” but not quite grammatically correct. My pet mum sometimes puts her own twist on words and this is one of favorite ways of addressing us.
Babies – it’s a bit embarrassing when they call us this in public.
My Girls – I love this one. Yes, we are their girls!

What nicknames do you have for your dog or dogs? Please share it with us by leaving a comment below.

See you next week with more pet fun.

Roooooo! (That’s how we greyhounds sing.)



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