A new adventure is coming

Behind the scenes, under the glow of my night lamp and during the early morning hours, there has been a life changing kind of project in the works.

It’s taken about a year of writing, soul searching, brainstorming, designing and working with experts in their field and I’m FINALLY getting close to bringing this adventure out into the real world and sharing it with all of you!

While finishing up the last parts, I’ll ask you for some patience. You won’t see much of me until October because this part of the “getting it all ready process” will be taking most of my focus (but I promise I haven’t forgotten about you).

Also, I only have two more openings for dog photo sessions before October, so if you don’t want to wait please make sure to contact me as soon as possible.

I’m dying to share this new adventure with you and yes, not to worry, it will still include dogs and photography!

Until next time, make sure to give your furry friend lots of cuddles.

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