A new pet store in Laguna Niguel

Great news for all local pets… a new awesome pet store just opened in Laguna Niguel!

You know what this means, right? More toys and treats of course!

The name of the store is Kriser’s and what I already love about them is the staff. They are so nice and personal, and they help educate pet parents about all the healthy and natural products they carry.

I’m not sure if you know this already, but my pet mum is really into healthy and natural stuff, so she is thrilled about the holistic approach this store has. I think this kind of like the pet version of Whole Foods.

The other cool thing about them is that they are big into community outreach. Chanda, the Store Manager, told me that when you have worked five years at Kriser’s you get to select a non-profit or rescue organization to volunteer for and they send you there with all expenses paid. If I worked there, I would have picked a greyhound rescue. Not sure if they would hire dogs though. I know they hire birds, because Newt works there. That’s Chanda’s green family member with wings. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there for the photos today, because Chanda had just rescued a crow that was hurt (see images below) and thought it was best to keep them separated. But Chloe was there, Nina’s beautiful doggie girl. Nina is the Assistant Manager and her furry girl turned out to be a real pet model (see images below).

If you want to meet the great human, feathered and furry team at Krisers, here’s a link to their website including the address and contact info:
http://www.krisers.com I know I will be back there soon for some more healthy treats and of course some toys too.

Can’t wait to see you again in a couple of weeks.

Roooooo! (That’s how we greyhounds sing.)


The store is really nice and organized.

Yay, for toys!

Chanda, Nina and Chloe.

They offer grooming too.

Chanda with the recovering little crow.

Beautiful Chloe resting on the counter.

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