Currently on my coffee table

In addition to some photography magazines and the latest Restoration Hardware catalogues (yes, I absolutely love everything about RH), this is what you’ll find on my coffee table right now.

It was a gift from a couple of dear friends and it’s the kind of book you can flip through countless of times and still smile. It’s amazing to see a still photo of how dogs really look in the middle of a shake. Who would have imagined? On some dogs it look like their whole skin is doing a 360.

If you haven’t seen the book and are curious, here’s a link to the photographer’s website and the “Shake” series:

One day, I want to publish a pet photography book too. I guess I should start writing down some ideas. If you have any suggestions for a fun theme, feel free leave a comment below. Maybe it will end up becoming a big hit one day.

All the best,



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