Dog SPA day

Every quarter the organization that rescued me arranges a dog wash fundraiser. I prefer to call it a dog SPA day, because you get really pampered.

My pet mum and I went there a few months ago, before Aston (my greyhound sister) was part of our family. My pet mum thought it was a great idea to get me cleaned and to get my nails cut while contributing to a good cause. Also, both of us very much enjoy meeting other greyhounds and greyhound owners.

Even though the shower was a bit scary at first, I really enjoyed the nice ladies shampooing and rinsing me with relaxing warm water. After the shower I got dried with a towel and then the summer sun made my fur dry completely. I looked and smelled so good afterwards! Lastly, I got my nails cut. It was done by the adoption representative that helped my pet parents find me. She made the nail cutting painless and fast. I only whined a little bit once and she gave me a lot of praise for being such a good girl. I like praise!

Of course my pet mum brought her camera to capture some photos. She forgot to take a photo of me wearing the bandana that I received though. When getting a bandana like that, it’s kind of like winning a medal I think. I proudly wore it for the rest of the day. I’m a bit bummed that she forgot to take a photo. Maybe I’ll ask her to put it on another day so you get to see how cute I am wearing it. I guess we need to get another one because Aston gets really jealous. She even tries to take my toys from me sometimes. I would not like her to take my bandana. Actually, I should blog about my toys. I love my toys so much! I’ll show them to you in next week’s blog post. Until then…

Roooooo! (That’s how we greyhounds sing.)





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