Easter bunnies & Happy Easter

For me, the sight of bunnies have always meant running to try and catch them, but when I saw my pet mum’s bunny pictures something changed.

I realized how cute, soft and cuddly they are, and I actually felt a bit bad. So I suggested to my pet mum that I should make friends with one instead, so we could play together and maybe I would even give it a kiss on the head. My pet mum said she appreciated my intention, but she’s not sure it would work that way. I guess I have to give it another try later.

Well, yes, I have to admit I got a bit jealous when she came home from the photo session all excited about the bunnies.
She told my pet dad that those bunnies were the cutest things ever and that she just wanted to hug them forever. But when she gave me the usual scratching and loving I felt better again. I actually agree, even though I think Aston and I are pretty cute, the bunnies were even cuter.

Enough of all the cuteness talk, I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures and Happy Easter to you!

Roooooo! (That’s how we greyhounds sing.)


This is one of my favorites.

Bunnies apparently know how to pose.

Did you know they have this many whiskers?

Perfect fit.


Oooooops, she blinked!

That’s better.

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