Happy Easter with some Easter pet portraits

Easter pet portraits? Yup, there is such thing. Just take a look for yourself.

An important part of my pet mum’s photography business is to give back to the community. For example she’s volunteering her time to the dog rescue organization
Greendog Foundation to capture compelling professional photos of rescued dogs that are looking for a forever home. More on that in another blog post.

A couple of weeks ago, my pet mum was doing an Easter pet portrait event outside PetSmart in Lake Forest, during one of Greendog Foundation’s adoption days. Participants could bring their dog and have them photographed in a cute little Easter photo set up. 50% of the amount the participants paid to take part was donated directly to Greendog Foundation.

As a rescued greyhound myself, I would like to thank everyone who took part in this event! Every dollar and every hour of volunteer work really makes a difference.

Aren’t the doggies just too cute!? There is even a little tiny puppy at the end. Let us know which one is your personal favorite by leaving a comment below.

Roooooo! (That’s how we greyhounds sing.)









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