It all started 10 years ago

Her owner had died and there she was, a sweet little black and white pit-bull lab mix puppy, sheltered at the Humane Society in Colorado looking for a new home.

“I knew that she was the perfect dog for me. Josie seemed to think so too, and was even comfortable enough to fall asleep on the way home. We moved to California 5 years ago - she loves the California sun!" Kevin told me when we met for the consultation. “I love how she walks. She has so many different looks, sometimes her eyes get droopy and she likes to roll around. She’s my special girl” he said. I took notes and my heart got warm when thinking about how lucky she’s been to have found such wonderful pet owner that day 10 years ago.

The sky was blue, the sun was warm and both yellow and purple flowers were in bloom. I checked my shooting list (yes, I have one for every photo session to make sure we capture everything on the wish list) and the session was off to a start.




Kevin immediately picked up on my cues, tips and guidance on how to work with Josie and I to make the session go smoothly. Josie very much enjoyed the treats and the little games we played.




As the sun slowly sank into the ocean coloring the sky like a gorgeous painting, she lovingly looked up at him, her dedicated, pet loving human. I composed the frame and carefully clicked the shutter and in my heart I already knew he was going to love that beautiful moment captured to last forever.


Josie hanging out at one of her favorite spots in the house, now decorated with art featuring herself and her human. I'm sure she's proud.


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