Labrador portraits in the park

Who doesn't smile when seeing a puppy?

With two puppies and two adult Labradors being photographed in the park, there was a lot of smiling and laughing going on. Well, to be honest there was a lot of work too, keeping all of them in some kind of order, holding leashes and getting these furry bundles of energy and joy into position for the images. Thankfully, I had two wonderful pet parents with Labrador wrangling experience to work with, so it all worked out just fine and I was able to capture some precious memories for the family.

Mac (the yellow boy) is the oldest, Maverick (the chocolate colored boy) is the father of Magic (the black puppy) and Maui (the yellow puppy) is the female of the pack. Aren’t they just too cute together!

The green European wagon was a gift from my mother in law's sister and I had been waiting for the right opportunity to use it for a pet photo session. It's the real deal. You can tell it was used as some kind of working wagon a long time ago. The puppies seemed to like it and only jumped out a few times, ha-ha!

Prior to their photo session I always ask my pet clients what the most important thing is for them, what photos do I just have to make sure to capture? In this case we absolutely needed some precious photos of the puppies of course, a family photo of all four dogs and last but not least some father and son images of Maverick and Magic. It was so wonderful to see father and son together. You could tell there is definitely a connection between the two.

When it was time for the delivery of the wall portrait and album, Magic and Maui had already grown bigger. As I’m writing this blog post, months have passed since our photo session and I bet I would barely recognize them now. I think it’s time for a visit soon and I can’t wait to be greeted Labrador style with doggie hugs and kisses by these four furry friends!

The whole family

Cute little Maui posing for the camera

Magic daydreaming

Best toy ever

Practicing to share

One of my personal favorites

Hanging out with daddy

The protector

Always by daddy’s side

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