My greyhound sister Aston

Welcome back! Today I wanted to introduce you to my greyhound sister Aston.

Well, we are not real sisters, but we look like twins and Aston is my best friend. After a few months of what it’s called separation anxiety, my pet mum and pet dad finally understood that the only solution to make me feel better about being without them in the house, was to get another dog. We greyhounds have never been alone in our whole life (at the race track there are many other greyhounds and as I mentioned in my first blog post, my foster family had a number of greyhounds too). You can imagine what a chock it was when my pet mum and pet dad started to disappear out the door and I was left alone in the house. It was not fun!

A weekend in June, me and my pet mum and pet dad went to a greyhound pick nic, organized by Fast Friends (the organization who rescued me). At the pick nic, they had an open adoption and I got to meet numerous greyhounds that were currently looking for a forever home. My pet mum and pet dad took me out for a short walk with one dog at a time, to find out which one I liked the best. When I got to walk with Aston, we immediately connected. Aston came home with us the same day.

Even though we look like twins, we have very different personalities. Aston is the boss. She made that clear from the very first day. I’m submissive and a bit shy. Aston loves to cuddle and lean on people’s legs, while I give kisses and just have gotten used to my pet mum and pet dad’s cuddle. However, I don’t like too much of it. Aston loves chasing cats while I’m more interested in playing with other dogs. Personally, I think I’m a bit more independent and mature than Aston. She’s kind of like a puppy. My pet mum and pet dad call her corky. They think she’s so funny. I prefer being the gentle and sweet dog though. Together we make a good team.

Below are a couple of photos of Aston. By the way, the car Aston Martin was the inspiration to her name. All the dogs in the litter Aston came from were named after cars.

Next time I’ll be writing about my first SPA day, so don’t miss to check back next Wednesday!




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