Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a furry black little boy call Snow. Snow you say, but he’s black?

Well, snow and his furry friends were all named after TV characters and his name came from the TV-series Game of Thrones.

Snow grew up to be a big(ger) man but he still knew how to give that puppy look to melt people’s heart.

Snow had a big brother called Kublai. When they were out walking, Kublai could get any girl to fall in love with him because of his charm.

Soon the brothers got a sister called Winter. She was sweet as sugar, but living with two brothers she quickly learned how to be a tuff cookie too.

The three of them together were quite the gang.

In the family also lived three cats…

Gabriel, who was more like a human captured in a cat’s body and…

…the king of the kitchen, demanding to drink water from the faucet as soon as someone entered his kingdom.

Niko, who liked to climb walls and escape to check out the neighbor’s backyard, wild from the inside and out as he was.

And Ana-Lucia, the princess. Say no more.

One day the family invited a pet photographer to come and capture all their awesomeness and the tall girl with the camera could barely stop photographing them once she had started. Ever since then, there are beautiful portraits decorating the walls in their home reminding them about what a wonderful family they are living happily together.

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