Photos and fun from a pet photography workshop in Florida

Not too long ago I spent just short of a week in Florida, learning from fabulous professional pet photographer Nicole Begley.

The evening before the workshop started, I had the chance to walk around in downtown Naples to enjoy the beachy and upscale atmosphere on 5th avenue, watch the sunset at Fort Meyer Beach and enjoy a delicious meal at Citrus. It’s not often you walk into a restaurant with such wonderful and genuine staff. Having food allergies, it’s a relief when you find a place that not only understand food allergies but also truly care about your needs. Anyway, this blog post was not supposed to be about food (even though I looove food too), ha ha, but I just had to mention this place because they made such a great impression on me and made the first night in Naples both wonderful and delicious.

The following morning I squeezed in a few more hours of walking around, exploring the area a bit more and just "happened" to end up by the beach again. Love the beaches in Southern California, but I have to say the powder like sand and aqua colored water in Florida is even nicer. The humidity however, I could definitely have done without, even though people I met said it was not at all bad yet. Phew!

Sweaty and with sunburned face and shoulders, it was time to meet the instructor Nicole with
Nicole Begley Photography and the other participants attending the pet photography workshop. The following four days were full packed with pet photography education, lots of yummy food (anyone who has attended a workshop with Nicole knows she takes food very seriously) and laughs. We stayed at a beautiful house and between classes and photo sessions we talked even more about photography, business and about random things like the fact that when you are hanging out with a group of people it usually gets quiet every 20 minutes or so. It's true, pay attention next time you are with your friends and you'll notice. This became “the thing” during our days together and all of us took turns noticing it.

I learned so many things during our four days together, everything from improving workflow to new shooting techniques. One of the items on my inspirational part of the to do list right now, is to scout out some new exciting photo locations here in Orange County. Pictures to come.

Below are some images from our dog model sessions. Just as in real pet photography life, we photographed everything from a high-energy dog who was still in training, to a dog with no hearing and who could only see shadows.

I hope you enjoy the photos and please leave a comment below to let us know which one is your favorite.

All the best,


Those doggie ears…

…and that tongue. So cute!

Whohooo! Talk about action!

On a beach stroll.

Love how this little guy is standing on his pet mum's foot!

Enjoying the beach sun.

Branches framing the picture.

Gotta love that sweet face!

Hi there! What's up?

This cute little guy out on an adventure.

His doggie sister stayed close by.

These two were so cute together.

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