Recap from the world's largest pet expo

In the quiet mornings before the venue had opened you could hear all the rescue dogs howl and bark in chorus with one other on the other side of the wall where all the rescue groups were located. So many dogs looking for a new home and not all, but many of these furry little souls would find their forever home during the next three days.

America’s Family Pet Expo, the world’s largest pet expo, is all about promoting responsible pet care and showcasing the latest in pet products and pet trends. This year I had the honor to be there on assignment for, the producers of the expo, to support dog rescue and create awareness by photographing rescue dogs both before and after grooming. In some cases you could barely recognize the dogs after some grooming, love and care. The difference was amazing!

In addition to the dog and cat rescue groups and the several hundred exhibitors, there were all sorts of pet shows, demonstrations and performances. As if all the furry friends were not enough, you could also explore the underwater pets and reptiles.

With a raspy voice (after lots of talking and high pitch sounds to get the doggies’ attention), I headed home exhausted but with a full heart. Having spoken to countless dedicated pet owners and meeting several that just had adopted a furry family member, I realized this is truly where I belong…among pets and the people that love them.

America’s Family Pet Expo, I can’t wait to come back next year and in the meantime, I so very much look forward to seeing and photographing some of the new pet friends I made.


You can already see an amazing transformation taking place.

After. Who would have thought this sweet soul was under all that fur?

Another doggie in need of grooming and some tender love and care.

After. I love how the groomer cut the hair in a fashionable way to put less emphasis on this sweetheart’s missing eye.


After. It looks like a different dog, don’t you think?

There were lots of rescue puppies too. This lucky girl got to go home with another furry friend to their new family.

There were also cute little dogs in strollers, like this girl who knew how to pose for the photographer.

Yes, even a horse was attending the pet expo.

People watching the grooming process and asking questions.

It can be tiring to walk the show floor, especially if you are this cute and everyone wants to pet you.

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