Sunrise and sandy paws - featuring Kiya, Kona and their pet mum

“She’s the love of my life” she said “and her favorite place is the beach”.

It was a quiet morning and the sun was still hiding behind the horizon getting ready to shine light on a new day.

You could see the happiness in Kiya’s eyes as she joyfully put all four paws in the sand and started a fast pace walk with no particular destination in mind. Not the slightest hint of health issues, just a happy girl getting her favorite treat; a visit at the beach.


“I want a photo of us sitting together on the beach captured from behind” her pet mum had told me during the phone consultation. As the sun slowly started to rise, casting a warm light over the sand and salty ocean, we made that vision come to life and a precious memory was captured.


The sun climbed higher and higher up on the sky and Kiya showed no sign of slowing down, so we continued to capture her beautiful soul and the bond between her and her pet mum.




At the end of the session it was time for Kiya’s little brother, the shepherd Kona, to join us.



“Just like kids, they tell on each other” her pet mum shared with me, but when observing Kona looking across the beach with that proud gaze, it was hard to see anything else than wisdom. Isn’t that what makes our furry companions so special though; they embrace both the innocence and purity of a child and the wisdom of an old master.

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