The tiniest little dog and his new family

“Oh my gosh, that is one of the tiniest little dogs I’ve ever seen” I exclaimed when walking through the door to my client’s home for the consultation.

Snow, a black (yes, I had to double check if I got his name right at first) Brussels Griffon puppy named after a character from the TV-series Game of Thrones, might have been tiny at the time, but was already a tuff little guy. No wonder, he had to keep up with his new brother Kublai…


…Kublai, a Brussels Griffon as well, and a real character and charmer. This boy knows exactly how to get your attention and is used to people stopping him on the street for a moment of admiration and “ohhhh’s” and “awwww’s”.


Kublai is also a globetrotter and travels with his pet mum everywhere she goes. Most recently he went to New York.


Snow, was still exploring the house at the time, but his travel days will probably come sooner than later.


Then there was Samantha, lovely, sweet Samantha who is just a dainty furry old lady who is trying to stay away from trouble. However, if the boys get too much, she doesn’t hesitate to tell them.


As if all this cuteness wasn’t enough, there were also three cats:

Gabriel who while sitting on the kitchen counter, gently put his paw on my shoulder to remind me about his existence. Gabriel is the king of the kitchen and one of his favorite things to do is drinking directly from the faucet.


Ana Lucia, the princess, a gorgeous girl who was moderately interested in being photographed.


Niko…I could have spent a whole day just photographing this beautiful and wild looking Bengal cat. And wild is exactly what he is, climbing walls and sneaking out of the house for his own little adventures.


Talk about a unique and absolutely awesome furry family!

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