Winners and a dog star photo opportunity

You know the feeling…when you are deeply inhaling the soul filling scent of newly baked pastries trying to pick only one and all you can see is a sea of beautiful creations that are begging to be eaten.

Sometimes it’s hard to pick. Like when a pet photographer and a store manager at a pet store are supposed to select only two dog models (remember that model call we did for Kriser’s in Laguna Niguel a few weeks ago?). Just TWO in a sea of fabulous dogs whose beauty and personalities are begging to be photographed. *Loud sigh*

We pulled our hair and almost cried a tear, but it had to be done.

Before we share the submission images of the winning dogs, lets talk about YOUR dog for a minute.

When we went through all the applications for the model call we established there are way too many awesome dogs out there that deserve to have their magazine star style photo taken. Their beauty, cuteness and fun personalities simply have to be shared with the world. So we came up with an idea:

A dog star event and a local Kriser’s store photo magazine!

This is your chance to get that stunning studio image of YOUR dog to be shining on YOUR wall at home to a fraction of cost compared to doing a private studio session AND your dog would be featured in the store, in the local photo magazine (be prepared to hear lots of “ooohs” and “awwws” when people are flipping through it).

Here are the details:



Now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to announce the winners of the model call…drumroll please…

The winners are:


(Churro's submission image.)

…and the siblings Bravo and Penny

(Bravo and Penny's submission image.)

Congratulations furry friends!!!

If you just like Churro, Bravo and Penny want your dog to get photographed like a model, call or email us to reserve your spot for the dog star event and please don’t wait too long because there are only so many stars we can photograph in a day and we expect this event to get fully booked.

Phone: (949) 439-6166

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