You know you are a dog person when...

In case you ever doubt if you truly are a dog person, here are some helpful hints:

You meet other dog parents and remember the dogs’ names but not their humans’ names.

  • You always carry dog treats in your purse or pockets.

  • You talk about your dog like others are talking about their kids.

  • You are spelling out words like “walk” and “treat”.


  • The first thing your friends ask you is either “how are your dogs” or “how many dogs do you have now”

  • You have something like 38 different names for your dog.

  • The only photo you have on your office desk is one of…you guessed it - your dog.


  • You always celebrate your dog’s birthday.

  • You have a dog toy mountain at home but when going to the pet store you can’t resist buying another toy for your furry friend.

Sounds familiar?

Have some other hints you want to share? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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