The Star Treatment

Your job of selecting the right pet photographer is even more important than my job as a professional dog and official office greeter here at Voff & Mjau. That’s why my mum Helén promised to scratch behind my ears extra-long tonight if I do a real good job telling you all about her services. So, here goes …

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The Consultation

The complimentary consultation provides you with the opportunity to meet mum face-to-face. You can see firsthand how well she gets along with you and your pet. She’ll spend some quality time getting to know you, learning about your preferences and discovering all of your pet’s unique traits that you want to capture. In addition, you’ll get to see samples of the photographic products and design ideas that will enable you to display images of your pet in a way that fits your unique style.

During the consultation, mum will go over the details of the photo session so you know how to prepare and what to expect. She personally works one-on-one with you through the entire process. Oh, and if it’s okay with you, she’ll have a special treat for your pet. Take it from me … your pet will love it!

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The Photo Session

Heart-shaped noses, innocent eyes, long whiskers, expressive tails … it’s these characteristics that make we pets absolutely irresistible! Your pet has a tale to tell: a story that is meant to be captured in pictures and cherished for eternity. My mum Helén has a way of putting your pet at ease so she can capture shots that showcase your furry friend’s individuality. With mum as your partner in preserving precious pet memories, your photography session will be an experience in itself.

Images can be taken with a studio set up in your home, in that park you enjoy, on the sands of a beach, near a favorite fire hydrant, or any other location that is special to you and your pet.

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The Selection Session

Within two weeks of your photo session, mum will meet with you for a selection session. This is the time for which you have been waiting … your images will be presented to you on a big screen in the comfort of your home.

The number of images is narrowed down prior to your session to include only the best, which will make the selection process a lot easier for you. Just so you know … the images are pet-approved! That’s because I like to give my two cents when mum’s reviewing your photos as she prepares your presentation. Two paws up from me means the shot’s a winner!

As you review the image presentation, you can tell mum which ones are your favorites. Mum is happy to provide recommendations and advice, should you want it.

A few short weeks later, your images will be ready for the walls in your home and I’m talking from experience when I say both you and your pet will cherish them.

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